How long does it take to receive my order?
We typically ship out on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You'll receive a shipping notification email from us (check your spam just in case!)

US Residents typically take 1-5 days to ship.
Residents outside of the US take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to ship. Sometimes even longer.

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, expect delays for domestics and even longer for international orders. If you aren't patient, purchasing products that require to be shipped in a box is not recommended at this moment.

How do pre orders work?
Click here for a more in depth response.

What does the "Current Progress" mean on the site?
This is our (WIP) way of informing our customers what stage the pre orders are currently at. There are 5 stages that will be indicated as (X/5).
Stage 1:
Submitting Orders. Giving our supplier the official numbers to process.
Stage 2:
Stickers in Production. They're currently in the making of your stickers!
Stage 3:
Shipment to PG. Stickers are all made and is on its way out to us.
Stage 4:
Processing Orders. We've got the goods. Now we're packing all Pre Orders for shipment.
Stage 5:
Orders Shipped Out. It's about time we got your orders out! You guessed it. Orders are shipped out and you should receive a shipping confirmation email. (If you didn't receive one, check your spam! If not, please email us.)