How do pre orders work?

TL;DR: You purchase pre order products. Wait about 2-3 weeks to receive your order (About another 4-6 weeks for international order with COVID-19 making things take even longer)

What if I purchased both Pre Order and In Stock products?
Unfortunately your In Stock products will be shipped out together with the Pre Order products. Alternatively, you can purchase 2 orders one containing Pre Orders and the other with In Stock if you'd like to receive your In Stock products ASAP.

Why do Pre Orders take so long?
The process for Pre Orders is that we give customers about a week to purchase any Pre Order products. Once Pre Orders are over, it'll take about another week or so for our supplier to process and ship out our stickers. Once we ship out your orders, then it's up to the USPS gods on how long it'll take to reach to you.

Do you guys restock your pre orders?
Yes and no. If a particular product is popular, then chances are high that we'll have extras and even have them up for pre order again. However, if a product did not achieve a certain expectation that of a parent who had hoped that their child would be a successful lawyer but instead sells stickers for a living, then no. But anything can happen and we might bring that design back again!