How do pre orders work?

Like our new stuff but don't know what pre orders entail?
We'll discuss everything you'll need to know to see whether you'd like to pre order any of our new products.

Please keep in mind that pre orders can roughly take 3 weeks for you to actually receive your pre orders. The wait can vary and be extended if we come across any problems with production or if you're outside of the US.

If any product does not have the [PRE ORDER] tag, then that means we have them in stock and you won't have to wait very long to receive them.
Also keep in mind that if you have a mix of pre orders and in stock items, you'll have the option at checkout on how you'll like to receive your order. (Either wait to receive everything all at once or receive in stock items first while you wait for pre orders to be shipped out)

[FOR US RESIDENTS] We have a special promotion going on if you spend $25 or more on your order, you will receive free tracking. Depending on which shipping you purchased, you will receive either everything all at once in a rigid mailer or receive in stock items with regular envelope and pre order items in a rigid mailer.

Once the pre order are closed, we will update with you guys on the site and on IG the progress of the pre orders (When products are in production, finished with production, when we're expected to receive the products, and when we'll be shipping them out)

If you missed out on pre orders, worry not. We will order extras of products so that you get a chance to support us and purchase any of our new stuff!

While pre orders may not seem an enticing format, it allows everyone to get a chance to purchase what they want as well as ensure that we know the right amount to order + how many extras we would order in case those who missed out on pre orders)