Pre Orders

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TL;DR: You purchase pre order products. Wait about 2-3 weeks for production and wait about another week to receive your order for domestic customers. (About another 4-6 weeks or even longer for international orders due to COVID-19)

Why do Pre Orders take so long?
The process for Pre Orders is that we give customers about a week to purchase any Pre Order products. Once Pre Orders are over, it'll take about another week or so for our supplier to process and ship out our stickers. After we receive the goods and ship out your orders, then it's up to the USPS gods on how long it'll take to reach to you.

How do I know what products are Pre Orders?

Any product with the tag [PRE ORDER].

What if I purchased both Pre Order and In Stock products?

Unfortunately your In Stock products will be shipped out together with the Pre Order products. Alternatively, you can create 2 orders one containing Pre Order products and the other with In Stock products if you'd like to receive your In Stock products first while you wait.

Why do some receive their Pre Orders before mine?
Some Pre Order products take shorter than others. Whatever products arrive to us first, we'll ship out orders that consist only of those products.

Example: Customer A pre orders only overlays while Customer B pre orders overlays AND some stickers.

Whenever the Pre Order overlays are available, we'll be able to ship out Customer A's order out as that is the only pre order they're waiting on while we're waiting to receive stickers that Customer B pre ordered so the overlays are still on hold for Customer B.