Copy of FAQ

Do you guys offer fast shipping or are you going to take a month to ship?
We typically ship 2 or 3 times a week depending what our schedule is like. You'll know when your order is shipped when you receive a shipping notification email from us (check your spam just in case!)

US Residents typically take 1-5 days to ship.
Residents outside of the US take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to ship. Sometimes even longer.

Why are your stickers cheap? Is the quality bad?
Because we're stupid.
It better not be! We use one of the best for all our products so we can be sure that it's not cheap stuff.

Can I make requests?
Sure. We're open to a lot of different designs/styles and your requests might actually be picked up!

Does my order come with tracking?
Yes and no. We do have promotions where if you purchase $20 and more, you can be eligible for free tracking. (US RESIDENTS ONLY). If you selected the shipping option "Rigid Mailer + Tracking" then yes.
How do pre orders work?
There will be a time window of when you'll be able to purchase any pre order products. Please keep in mind that receiving your pre orders can take approximately 3 weeks (and sometimes longer for a certain product or if you're a non US-resident).